Honesty and Integrity

Beautiful Projects Are a Brush Stroke Away

  1.              AREA PROJECTS
    Pro bono work? You bet!! Just ask!! To include seniors, veterans and handicapped people.
  2. Interior/Exterior Projects
    Interior/Exterior Projects
    Our interior work is mainly done by brush and roll!! Quite a bit of paint from an airless spray rig goes into the air, not on your walls. We believe in good color choices to make your most personal spaces a sanctuary. ANY color!! Don't hesitate to be bold.
  3. Drywall
    A type of board made from plaster, wood pulp, or other material, used especially to form the interior walls of houses.
  4. Door Repair
    Door Repair
    Doors, everything doors is one of our many specialties. Doors and trim.
Our Services

 This company is about doing what we know how to do very well, making an educated guess at what we are not comfortable with, and calling a few select professionals for advice .  
Details, Details...

We sweat the details! To the craftsman's eye what a casual homeowner might miss may be a concern for the worker. We can't always make it perfect, but we try.  That includes color selection assistance (samples), cabinet layouts, door closing details, cabinet installation, trim repair and replace, durability issues for kitchens and bath areas, texture matching at repairs, small electrical and plumbing repairs, primers, exterior trim treatment, gaskets, deck construction and refinishing, sono tube placement, garage venting, dryer venting, bath fan installation and so on. To sum this all up, we call it many many repairs and services.
Call 907 529-3626. E-mail given upon request.